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1. What is the purpose of phpMount?
2. What are you using as a develop-environment?
3. Who are you?
4. What is
5. Prerequisites for phpMount

1. What's the purpose of phpMount?
This project started as a favor for my girlfriend. She had trouble installing a memorystick, a flash-card or the digital-camera with Windows 2000. USB-devices are nice ... but sometimes can be a real burden. I like working with PHP and I was searching for a new project to try out the new version 2 of Apache. The choice was easy. I agree that building a whole interface in PHP just for managing the mount or umount is a bit overkill ... but there's no fun in writing down a sequence of commands on a piece of paper just to get someone control a mountdevice. And I wanted to experiment with the OO-part of PHP. :)

2. What are you using as a develop-environment?
I'm running Apache 2 with MySQL 4.0.12 and PHP 4.3.1. This is running on a fresh install from Red Hat Linux 9 with high-security settings. This is my primary Linux workstation. It's running on a Dell Dimension P-600 with 640 MB RAM and a 20GB harddisk. It's protected by a firewall and should not be accesible from the outside.

3. Who are you?
I'm Koen Van Impe, born in Belgium in 1974. I work for the Flemish Government as developer / system-support. I'm working mainly with Windows 2000 and Windows NT4. Development is done in ASP on an Internet Information Server 5 ..buh:)

4. What is is something as a 'pet' project for me. One part is, a website that I use for my personal docs and information. All the network applications and experiments that I conduct with Linux are written down. I hope that these pages can serve as a guide for others who are having the same troubles with their first install of product X as I had.
The other part of is This site is only in dutch (for now). Next to my day-to-day job I install Linux firewalls, mailservers, webservers, proxyservers and fileservers. I like working with computers, software and Linux and this gives me the chance of combining both and getting paid for it...something that can not be said from my regular day-to-day job (not that I'm not getting's just the Linux part that's a bit on the .. euh ... non-existing-side)

5. Prerequisites for phpMount
For now, you'll need a webserver with PHP-support. I've only tested on Apache 2 with PHP 4.3.1. If you have installed a working version of phpMount with something else then please drop me note. The user as which the webserver is running should have read and write access on the mountdirectories and preferably on the datadirectories.

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