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Welcome to the phpMount project homepage.

phpMount is a webinterface for mounting, unmounting and maintaining devices attached to a Linux-computer. This interface gives you the possiblity to download and upload files from the devices, get device-information and maintain a log of all actions.

The (basic) requirements for phpMount are :

   - a webserver (I prefer Apache)
   - PHP (I tested with PHP 4.3.1)
   - Linux (I tested with RedHat 9)

Your webserver should run as a 'regular' user that has mount/umount permissions. On top of this, your webserver-account also needs to write / edit files in a specified directory. I don't think it's a good idea to offer such a webserver to the bad outside world (unless you've really given up all hopes on maintaining a secure system). This project is meant to run on a webserver inside your local network, protected by a firewall.

Future versions will include support for archiving, logs and acl's. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or remarks. Contact me at <linux AT cudeso DOT BE> Logo

(c) Copyright 2003 - cudeso.bephpMount is free softwareGPL